North Carolina Property Mappers Association

Obtaining NCDOT Right-of-Way Plans

As of February 2010, the NCPMA now has a single source where you can get digital (Cadd files) and a copy of the plan in a .pdf format. Once the NCDOT, ROW-CADD group has completed a current active project, the CADD data will be sent to the county contact.

Back in 2006-2007, as part of the collaboration between NCDOT and the NCPMA, the NCPMA supplied NCDOT with a spreadsheet that contained one person per county being the county staff member that would receive the Cadd via the File Transfer System based on the information received from NCPMA members. To make a change or need to be added as the contact for your county you can contact TBA.

View current contact list.

To make a request for CADD data for any previous project, email Grady Morris at and the CADD data will be sent through the NCDOT File Transfer System (FTS).

For initial FTS set up or to have your account reactivated email Grady Morris at

Contact Information
Primary DOT Contact Secondary DOT Contact
Grady R. Morris Chris Hendrix
919-707-4385 919-707-4382

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